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Yachting Seasons in Indonesia

Indonesia, a country that straddles the equator, is known for its hot, wet, and humid climate. The variations in the climate of different regions of


Java is Indonesia’s most populous island, renowned for its rich culture, history, and picturesque natural scenery. Situated in the heart of Indonesia, Java has served

S. Sumatra & Sunda

South Sumatra and the Sunda Strait offer a diverse and intriguing experience for yachts, yet it remains a relatively undiscovered gem. From the fiery and

Mentawai Islands

Located 90 nautical miles off the western coast of Sumatra, the Mentawai Islands boast around seventy islands and islets renowned for their stunning beaches and

North Sumatra

North Sumatra, an expansive region spanning over 72,981 square kilometers, is also known as the “Island of Gold.” It boasts a varied landscape, including low

Kalimantan & Belitung

Southern Borneo is a region of unique beauty and diversity, with a rich tropical rainforest and the presence of many indigenous tribes, each with their


Nestled in the South China Sea between the Natuna Islands and Singapore lies the hidden gem of the Anambas Islands – a remote paradise for


The Alor Archipelago is situated in the eastern part of Indonesia, spread across the Alor Strait. This collection of islands rising from the deep depths,


Flores, a large island stretching from east to west, is a hidden gem of Indonesia that offers an array of natural wonders, cultural experiences, and


Komodo National Park is a natural wonderland that boasts a fascinating mix of terrestrial and marine environments. The park covers over 1,700 square kilometers and


Sumbawa, the ninth largest island in Indonesia, is situated in the middle of the Lesser Sunda Islands and is separated from Lombok by the Alas


Lombok, Bali’s neighboring island, is an idyllic destination for those looking for a unique experience away from the crowds of Bali. A fast growing island,


Bali is an enchanting destination that captivates visitors with its blend of natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and adventure opportunities. It is often referred to

South Sulawesi

The inland region of this area is home to diverse ethnic groups and features dramatic mountain ranges, rice paddies, hidden villages, and spectacular waterfalls. The

North Sulawesi

The northern part of Sulawesi, previously referred to as Celebes, is an ideal starting or ending point for yacht trips and visits. Manado and Bitung


Pulau Halmahera is a paradise for adventure seekers and nature lovers alike. With its four mountainous peninsulas and scores of active volcanoes, the largest island

Kai Islands

The Kai Islands, also known as the Kei Islands, are a breathtakingly remote cluster of islands located in the southeast of the Maluku Province. The

The Forgotten Islands

The Forgotten Islands, a remote chain of islands stretching across the Banda Sea in Indonesia, offer a unique and unforgettable experience to those brave enough


Ambon is a town that boasts a rich cultural heritage and history, located on the Indonesian island of Ambon. It is known as “Ambon Manise”

Banda Islands

The Banda Islands, located in the Moluccas in Indonesia, are a group of ten volcanic islands known for their rich history and unique cultural heritage.

Cenderawasih Bay

Cenderawasih Bay, located in the western part of Papua, Indonesia, is a world-renowned tourist destination that offers a unique combination of history, wildlife, and stunning

South Papua

The Asmat region is located in the southwestern part of Papua province on the western island of New Guinea and is named after the Asmat

Triton Bay

Triton Bay, a hidden gem located in the coastal region to the east of Kaimana and southwest of West Papua, is often referred to as


Misool Island, part of the Four Kings in the Raja Ampat archipelago of Indonesia, is a true natural wonder. Surrounded by a vast marine reserve,

Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat, the land of legends and the world’s epicentre of tropical marine biodiversity. This remote archipelago, located in the heart of the Coral Triangle,