Motor Yacht Lady Azul travels through Indonesia

Superyacht Agent

Navigating the expansive Indonesian archipelago can be an exhilarating yet intricate endeavour. That’s where we step in. At Eighth Degree South, Asia Pacific Superyachts franchise for Indonesia, we meticulously select and deliver the finest local and international ingredients right to your yacht. We’ve mastered the logistics of the 17,000 islands, ensuring smooth airport transfers for guests and crew, secure helicopter & private jet permits, and efficient inbound shipments. Our experienced partners specialize in maintenance, engineering, and spare part sourcing, making Bali, with EDS’ support, an ideal haven for yacht maintenance. Trust us to make your yachting experience truly unforgettable.



We pick and choose the top sources of ingredients, local and international, pack and freight fresh to the yacht


Mastering the 17,000 islands of Indonesia, we are experienced and masters of guest and crew airport transfers, and helicopter & private jet permits, inbound shipments and any other logistical requirements.


Working with only top quality fuel suppliers all over Indonesia for competitive prices and credit terms

Maintenance & Engineering

Our inhouse and networked partners are specialists at any maintenance, engineering and spare parts. With EDS’ support & Indonesia’s infrastructure developments, Bali with EDS becomes a great place for yacht maintenance.

Spare Part sourcing and importation

our experienced engineers and networked partners ensure efficient sourcing and delivery of vital spare parts


Vessel permitting, International & domestic port clearances and immigration, visas, park permits, and any other formalities

Cash to Master

Local banking facilities and local currency advancements

Trip Planning & Itinerary

EDS is run by sailors and captains that have all navigated these waters professionally and can provide exceptionally bespoke trip plans together with guides.

Berthing & Pilotage

Throughout Indonesia our extensive network ensures efficient berth bookings and any associated pilotage

Dive, Surf and Land Guides and Cruise Directors

Our selection of guides are at the highest level and ensure the difference between a good trip and an unforgettable trip

Interior Procurement

florist Services, and other procurement of interior needs

Dayworks and Crew Placement

We have a strong network of experienced day workers and crew

VIP Concierge Services

hotel bookings, transport arrangements, tours, guest VIP experiences, crew outings, adventures and expeditions

Security Services

onboard and offboard security services

Legal Services

Charter advice and legal representation

Experienced and Local Knowledge

our team are highly experienced professionals in yachting and Indonesia being certified captains and crew as full time adventure seekers

Who Whe Handled

  • M/Y Helix
  • M/Y Octopus
  • S/Y Skade
  • S/Y Manu
  • M/Y Idle Hands
  • M/Y B2
  • M/Y Immortalis
  • S/Y Tawera
  • S/Y Into the Wind
  • S/Y Cavallo
  • S/Y Titania of Cowes
  • M/Y Senses
  • M/Y Ocean Victory
  • M/Y Tele Vista
  • S/Y Eve
  • M/Y Blue Sky
  • M/Y Perfect Persuasion
  • S/Y Adventure
  • S/Y Meridian Fleet
  • M/Y Lady Christine
  • M/Y Archimedies
  • M/Y Mayan Queen
  • M/Y Pelorus
  • M/Y Plan B
  • M/Y Exuma
  • M/Y Double Haven
  • M/Y Platinum
  • M/Y Galileo G
  • M/Y April
  • M/Y Belle Aimee
  • M/Y Lady Candy
  • M/Y Amevi
  • M/Y Maid Marian
  • M/Y Keri Lee
  • M/Y Big Blue
  • M/Y Anya
  • S/Y Drumbeat
  • S/Y Vertigo
  • S/Y Ghost
  • S/Y Yaneke Too
  • S/Y Eos
  • S/Y Che
  • S/Y Beagle
  • S/Y Kealoha
  • S/Y Naos
  • S/Y La Cardinala
  • S/Y Escapade
  • M/Y Plvs Vtra
  • M/Y Party Girl
  • M/Y Triple 7
  • M/Y Newcastle Explorer
  • M/Y Ulysses
  • M/Y Formosa
  • M/Y A
  • M/Y Triple 8
  • S/Y Montigne
  • M/Y Kalisma
  • M/Y Le Grand Blu
  • M/Y Helios 2
  • M/Y Vivre
  • M/Y Maverick
  • S/Y Aspiration
  • M/Y Tanvas
  • S/Y Adele
  • M/Y Y Nut Coconut
  • M/Y CV9
  • M/Y Tatoosh
  • M/Y Latitude
  • M/Y Indigo
  • M/Y Andiamo
  • M/Y Um Hurair
  • M/Y Dardanella
  • S/Y Silvertip
  • S/Y M5
  • S/Y Komkomo
  • M/Y Zeepard
  • S/Y Shenandoah of Ark
  • M/Y La Familia
  • M/Y Ultra Vires
  • M/Y Elysium
  • S/Y Windrose of Amsterdam
  • S/Y Fidelis
What people say about us


Motoryacht Masquenada

M/Y Masquenada

Good Morning, I would like to thank you and all your team in Sorong for the great assistance you provide before, during and after the Boss cruise. It is been a real pleasure to get to know you and your team and to have so quick feedbacks and action for every request we had. Again, great to work with you guys! See you again soon!

Captain / Motor Yacht Masquenada
Sailing yacht Cassiopeia. Reichel Pugh Yacht Design

S/Y Cassiopeia

Dear Eighth Degree South, I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for your exceptional service whilst in Indonesia. Your unwavering support has played a pivotal role in preparing us for our forthcoming Indian Ocean crossing. I am immensely satisfied with the assistance you have provided, and I deeply appreciate the seamless and hassle-free experience you have facilitated. Thank you for being an integral part of our journey.

Owner / Sailing Yacht Cassiopeia
Sailing yacht Halekai a 40 meter modern classic Hoek design sails gracefully over across the indonesian islands

S/Y Halekai

As captain of S/Y Halekai I can say that EDS, consistently exceeded our expectations with their exceptional service and unwavering commitment our trip. Their meticulous planning and attention to detail ensured that every aspect of our yachting experience was seamlessly handled, from navigating local waters to securing top-quality provisions. EDS's team of experienced professionals was always readily available to provide expert advice and assistance, making them an indispensable partner for any yacht owner or captain. We wouldn't of been able to do this trip without them in the remote islands off Sumatra.

Captain Luke Tempest / Sailing Yacht Halekai
Motor Yacht Lady Azul travels through Indonesia

M/Y Lady Azul

EDS stood by our side throughout our challenging voyage from the Sulu Sea to Bali and Komodo, providing unwavering support and expertise. They provided a trip planning all the day down with fantastic stops, fastest clearance, prompt engineering assistance, and extensive network made our journey a truly memorable experience. I highly recommend EDS to any yacht owner or captain seeking exceptional service in Indonesia.

Owner / M/Y Lady Azul
Sailing Superyacht Kayhan Too

S/Y Kayhan Too

You guys are amazing and have made our visit to Bali/Komodo such a wonderful and enjoyable one!! Thank you and your team for all the support given in Bali, Komodo and Labuan Bajo!! We had a memorable trip! Look forward to more this year end!

Captain / Sailing Yacht Kayhan Too
Nordhavn Idle Hands

M/Y Idle Hands

EDS employees were very easy to work with, they were very knowledgeable in their area of expertise. Even after leaving the drydock in Jakarta, they were there and always within phone reach for consultations on our mechanical issues on the way to Bali and were quick to come onboard to resolve our issues. They were very accommodating and very flexible to what ever we needed. Very happy to have met and dealt with EDS.

Captain / Motor Yacht Idle Hands
Motor Yacht Immortalis

M/Y Immortalis

All aspects of the service were exceptional. The team has a thorough knowledge of the region and were extremely helpful. I would happily recommend them to anyone!

Master / Motor Yacht Immortalis
Motor Yacht Cloudbreak

M/Y Cloudbreak

I can highly recommend Hex and his Eighth Degree South team. Outstanding support from knowledgeable, friendly, very helpful guys, who will solve your problems. Excellent fabrication works for very fair prices.

Chief Engineer / Motor Yacht Cloudbreak
Sailing Yacht Kurukulla

S/Y Kurukulla

The service from Eighth Degree South has been unquestionably the best I have received anywhere. Their speed of response and willingness to provide advice and assistance at every stage has made negotiating the Indonesian labyrinth of regulations a simple process. I heartily recommend Eighth Degree South to anyone contemplating cruising Indonesia or nearby.

Owner / Sailing Yacht Kurukulla
Sailing Yacht Nautor Swan eve

S/Y Eve

Captain: We engaged Eighth Degree South's services to lay an all-new teak deck on our beautiful 65-foot Swan while in Bali from May to July 2022. Awesome team - hard workers, happy and enthusiastic, good skills, and great progress to have an empty deck ready for final finishing after only a week! We are a happy customer 😉 Owner: Great team of professional workers did a great job on a very complex task (new teak deck on a swan65). Good communication and good value. I’d recommend them without hesitation

Owner / Sailing Yacht Eve

As your trusted Superyacht Agent in Indonesia, Eighth Degree South doesn’t stop at ensuring a seamless journey. We go the extra mile to make it memorable. Our experienced team orchestrates all formalities, from vessel permitting to immigration and port clearances, ensuring your focus remains on the adventure ahead. Need assistance with trip planning, itinerary, or crew placement? We’ve got you covered. Our team, made up of certified captains and seasoned sailors, crafts bespoke trip plans that turn good trips into unforgettable ones.

Our services extend beyond the sea. We offer VIP concierge services, arranging hotel bookings, transportation, tours, and unique experiences for guests and crew alike. Our security services ensure your safety onboard and offboard. And when it comes to legal advice or representation, we’re here to assist. With Eighth Degree South, you’re not just choosing a service, you’re choosing a partner who understands and shares your passion for yachting and adventure. Let us take care of the complexities, while you immerse yourself in the beauty and thrill of the Indonesian archipelago.