Flores, a large island stretching from east to west, is a hidden gem of Indonesia that offers an array of natural wonders, cultural experiences, and adventure activities. Its name, originating from the Portuguese word for flower, aptly describes the beauty and diversity of its landscapes, from the hills where coffee is grown and clove cigarettes are produced to the fresh ocean scent. One of the island’s most incredible natural wonders is the Kelimutu Volcano, featuring three crater lakes that shimmer in different colors due to the volcanic gases that bubble up. A sunrise trek to the top offers a breathtaking view of these majestic lakes.

For adventure enthusiasts, Flores is a paradise of soaring peaks, scenic lakes, and rugged terrain to explore. Trekking through local Manggarai villages, one of Flores’ indigenous people, offers a unique insight into their language, culture, and dress, as well as their traditional war ritual, the Caci dance. The island’s caves are home to some of Indonesia’s most significant archaeological finds, including the “Flores Man,” a human hobbit ancestor. The waters around Flores are teeming with diverse marine life, making it a world-renowned diving destination. Maumere Bay is an excellent location for diving, showcasing an incredible display of marine creatures such as turtles, snakes, octopuses, and hundreds of colorful fish, along with inlets brimming with vibrant reefs and soft coral gardens. To fully explore the peaceful islands and stunning surroundings of Riung National Park and 17 Islands National Park, visitors can hire a private yacht and experience majestic coral gardens, untouched coastlines, and islands. The national parks are home to an array of exotic species, including Timor deer, hedgehogs, monkeys, ferrets, Timor monitor lizards, marsupials, and a variety of birds, such as eagles, white herons, black storks, and partridges, and the occasional sighting of Komodo dragons.

Tololeda Village is an excellent place to appreciate the history of the national parks, witness Ngada people’s hunting and gathering techniques, and experience their traditional celebrations and unique villages. A traditional yacht trip would navigate the sheltered north of the island, heading either east or west with stops in Riung National Park, Kelimutu, and the Maumere area. Maumere is the largest and most well-connected town, besides Labuan Bajo, and is a good logistics stop for yachts, where a well-connected airport can be used for supplies and crew movement. It also offers basic provisioning and bunkering opportunities.

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