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Preserving Our Blue Planet: Celebrating World Ocean Day with Eighth Degree South

Welcome to Eighth Degree South, where our passion for the ocean drives our commitment to preservation. We actively support marine national parks, embrace sustainable packaging, and engage in eco-friendly trash collection. Join us in creating a wave of change for a sustainable future. Explore Eighth Degree South and make a difference.

Superyacht in Anambas

Captain’s blog: A Superyacht trip through Anambas islands, Indonesia

Explore the breathtaking Anambas Islands, a pristine paradise with crystal-clear waters, secluded coves, and untouched beaches. Our esteemed guests, the yacht owners and their family, had the privilege of discovering the beauty of Bawah Island and vibrant coral reefs. With the unwavering support of Eighth Degree South, our journey was seamless, from paperwork to unexpected breakdown assistance.

People on the yacht

World class Teak yacht decking in Tndonesia with Eighth Degree South

EDS, a superyacht agent in Indonesia, sources the finest sustainably-sourced marine-grade teak from Java to create custom-fitted teak decking solutions for yachts. Their experienced marine engineering division ensures each plank is bedded down to withstand the harsh marine environment. EDS’s founders are all ex-superyacht captains and chief engineers, giving them unparalleled expertise and service.