World class Teak yacht decking in Tndonesia with Eighth Degree South

Yachting in Indonesia offers an incredible array of beautiful sights and activities that make it a highly popular destination for yacht owners and marine enthusiasts. Not only a superyacht agent in Indonesia, but also with a dedicated marine engineering division and comprehensive support and services network throughout the region, Eighth Degree South (EDS) offers comprehensive services to yachts, superyachts and the ever growing domestic charter fleet in Indonesia.

Indonesia is renowned for its exceptional cruising destinations, but historically, it has not been considered a hub for yachting services. While neighbouring countries like Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia have been the preferred choice for yacht owners and enthusiasts, Indonesia has been regarded as a “black hole” for these services. However, Indonesia does have the necessary infrastructure to support yachts and superyachts, including large commercial facilities and a pool of skilled tradesmen. EDS aims to change this perception by leveraging its expertise in international yachting, attention to detail, and local knowledge to provide world-class services to yachts visiting Indonesia. By partnering with local tradesmen and utilising the existing facilities, Eighth Degree South aims to establish Indonesia as a top destination for yacht services in the region.

EDS, a superyacht engineering outfit and shore agent in Indonesia, offers a range of services to enhance the beauty and value of yachts. One such service is laying all new teak decks on yachts. Indonesia, being the largest producer of teak, has a long tradition of skilled woodworkers and boat builders. EDS sources the finest sustainably-sourced marine-grade teak from Java, Indonesia, to create custom-fitted teak decking solutions.

EDS’s marine engineering division brings decades of experience to every project, ensuring that each plank is custom-fitted to the yacht’s deck and bedded down to withstand the harsh marine environment. The process is meticulous and comprehensive, where the team takes great care in preparing the yacht’s deck for the new teak decking by stripping off the old deck, reglassing the substrate, and laying down the new teak deck.

The team at EDS comprises of hardworking, enthusiastic workers with exceptional skills and attention to detail. A recent project involved laying an all-new teak deck on a 65-foot Nautor Swan yacht, the beautiful @Eveswan65, in just over two months. The yacht’s owner and captain were thrilled with the outcome, with the owner even stating, “Great team of professional workers did a great job on a very complex task (new teak deck on a Swan 65ft). Good communication and good value. I’d recommend them without hesitation.”

EDS prides itself on its excellent communication and value for its clients. They work closely with yacht owners, captains and the local pool of tradesmen to ensure that their services meet their needs, preferences, and budgets. 

EDS’s founders are all ex-superyacht captains and chief engineers with over 20 years of experience in superyacht operations in Asia. This unique experience gives them an understanding of the needs and challenges of yacht owners and captains, which allows them to deliver unparalleled expertise and service.

As experts in superyacht engineering in Indonesia with decades of experience throughout the region both on and off the waters, they bring exceptional skills, experience, and attention to detail to every project. 

Contact them today to learn more about how they can enhance your yacht’s beauty and investment.

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