EDS’ Emergency Repairs of Sailing Yacht Catamaran El Gaucho in Lombok, Indonesia

Eighth Degree South (EDS) recently completed the successful restoration of SY El Gaucho, a sailing catamaran that had sustained significant damage following an incident. The incident is a rather common but scary one for sailors – hitting a “Deadhead” which is a waterlogged timber log that floats vertically and is very hard to see. Our team of experienced marine engineers worked diligently to repair the vessel’s hull, rudders, propulsion system, and other vital components.

Upon receiving the call, we immediately dispatched Chief Engineer Alex (Hex) Harrison to Lombok to assess the damage. Hex conducted a thorough inspection, identifying the extent of the repairs required and giving his report to the insurance company who approved the proposed works. Recognizing the need for a controlled environment to ensure optimal repair quality, we opted for a strategic haul-out of the catamaran.

The repair process was meticulous and involved a multi-phase approach. Our skilled technicians carefully restored the hull to its original condition, ensuring both structural integrity and a pristine finish. Quite a large area was cut out of one of the bows and replaced with foam and glass sandwich. Damaged rudders were replaced with new ones, guaranteeing optimal control and manoeuvrability for future voyages.

The starboard drive system, a crucial component for propulsion, received a complete overhaul. Our team meticulously repaired or replaced fractured components, including the bell housing and gearbox flange spacer, ensuring smooth operation and functionality.

Eighth Degree South’s commitment to excellence extended beyond simply fixing the physical damage. We also conducted a rigorous inspection and refurbishment of the main engine, gearbox, and sail drive, ensuring that these vital systems operated at peak performance for years to come.

Throughout the restoration process, Hex’s leadership and dedication were instrumental in overcoming challenges and guaranteeing the project’s success. His extensive knowledge and calm demeanour fostered a collaborative environment that allowed the team to execute the complex repair plan with precision and efficiency.

The culmination of Eighth Degree South’s efforts was the triumphant reemergence of Sailing Yacht El Gaucho. With its wounds healed and spirit revitalised, the yacht stood as a testament to our expertise in yacht repair and marine engineering.

This successful project reinforces Eighth Degree South’s commitment to providing exceptional service and exceeding client expectations. We are proud to have restored the Sailing Yacht El Gaucho to its former glory and look forward to assisting our yachting clients with all their marine engineering needs in Indonesia.

Beyond Repair and Restoration:

Eighth Degree South offers a comprehensive range of services to cater to the diverse needs of vessel owners throughout Indonesia. Our services include:

  • Routine Maintenance
  • Sophisticated Upgrades
  • Convenient Yacht Haul-out Solutions
  • Comprehensive Yacht Agency Support

We possess the knowledge and experience to address any maritime challenge, ensuring the safety and optimal performance of your vessel.

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